This Alien Hunter Claims to Have Seen 25-Mile UFO Hovering Above Moon

The findings made by Waring have not gone well with the scientific community, and they believe that his discoveries are cases of pareidolia

UFO Moon
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Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that aliens are secretly living on the moon, and they even claim that there are several secretive bases on earth's natural satellite. As rumors surrounding alien bases continue to perplex extraterrestrial enthusiasts, Scott C Waring, a conspiracy theorist who is currently operating from Taiwan has claimed to have spotted a 25-Mile UFO hovering above the surface of the moon.

Waring's Bizarre UFO Findings Continue

Waring, in his recent website post, claimed that this UFO was spotted from a NASA image. He also added that the alleged UFO is actually casting a shadow on the lunar surface.

"The object is metallic, smooth, and shiny. It measures 25 miles across according to the moon map ruler. The craft is hovering as if parked but not touching the surface of the moon. It is even making a shadow below it. Sure 25 miles is huge, but sitting in the shadows of the moon can easily go unnoticed by anyone astronomers. Absolute proof that aliens not only exist but have massive ships on our moon," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Conspiracy theorists like Waring believe that aliens are very advanced, and they have a much higher intelligence quotient when compared to humans. According to Waring, this ultra-intelligent nature of aliens is helping these races to build giant UFOs like the one which he allegedly spotted on the moon.

Waring and Pareidolia

Most of the findings made by Waring have gone viral on the internet, and his followers strongly believe that alien existence is real. However, skeptics have dismissed all the findings made by Waring, and they believe that the discoveries made by this Taiwanese researcher are classic cases of pareidolia.

"Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data," says NASA.

Even though Waring is receiving widespread criticisms from the scientific community for these discoveries, he adamantly continues his journey, and published details about at least two UFO and alien discoveries on his website.

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