These school students will talk to NASA astronauts onboard ISS tomorrow

A conspiracy theorist had recently released a video that shows a UFO following the ISS, and it made many people believe that NASA is covering up facts about alien life

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NASA, the United States space agency has revealed that a group of students in Florida will get a chance to communicate with astronauts who are currently onboard the International Space Station (ISS). The space agency will broadcast the live earth to space calls on February 20, 2020, at 12.40 PM EST.

Which NASA astronaut will answer the question of students?

As per a recent press release published on the NASA website, astronaut Andrew Morgan will answer the questions of K-12 students from the School District of Lee County.

"Schools within the district have connected as part of a year-long program that celebrates 50 years since the Apollo 11 Moon landing and looks forward to NASA's return to the Moon through the Artemis program," wrote NASA on their website.

NASA astronauts have been conducting various experiments in the International Space Station for the past two decades, and they are playing a crucial role in giving valuable inputs which will help space scientists to explore deep nooks of the space. The upcoming Artemis space program aims to land humans on the moon again, as a strong platform to achieve the ultimate aim of Mars colonization.

Did a UFO recently pay a visit to the ISS?

Conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts were all pulled to a state of ecstasy recently as alien hunter Scott C Waring released a video that showed a UFO following the International Space Station for more than 20 minutes. After releasing the video, Waring claimed that he made this discovery from NASA's live feed.

Interestingly, the alleged flying vessel was moving at the speed as the ISS which moves at approximately 7.67 kilometers per second. At the end of the video, this mysterious flying vessel shot upwards and vanished from sight. Waring claimed that this video is an indication of extraterrestrial aliens from deep space visiting the earth.

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