There is Nothing in Afterlife Apart from a Sense of Love, Says NDE Victim

Unlike people who witnessed heavenly beings during a near-death experience, Corbin claimed to have seen nothing during afterlife

Death is one of the most mysterious phenomena that has been perplexing humans since the day the species developed consciousness. Even though medical experts call death the end of everything, spiritualists, citing religious textbooks claim that there is a life after death in a different realm. According to spiritualists, testimonials shared by people who faced near-death experiences in their lives are concrete proof of an afterlife.

There is Nothing in Afterlife

Most of the people who reached the verge of death have claimed to have seen a bright light, tunnel, and heavenly entities. However, a man named Corbin, who temporarily died of gastrointestinal bleeding has a different story to tell.

life after death

According to Corbin, there is nothing in an afterlife, and unlike other NDE victims who saw magical visuals, he assured that there is no such thing as a heavenly realm. However, he made it clear that there was a presence of love everywhere during his final moments.

"Then I was home and all around me was pure white light and total love and caring and comfort I've never known nor will I forget. I couldn't see anyone but knew I was not alone and had nothing to fear. All the time, there was this overpowering feeling that I had made it home at last. After a life-long wait, everything was perfect and my life was now complete," wrote Corbin on the NDERF website.

Soon, doctors succeeded in resuscitating Corbin, and upon opening his eyes, he saw his wife standing at his side with tear-filled eyes.

What Causes These Visual Hallucinations?

Even though spiritualists consider NDE testimonials as concrete proof of life after death, modern medical science has a more convincing theory to explain these bizarre visuals.

According to medical experts, the human brain will face a drastic shortage of oxygen during life-threatening events, and during these times, the human brain will adopt a survival trick which is resulting in these visual hallucinations.