Theft in Changi Group Chairman's family; Indonesian maid found guilty

Singapore police arrested man
(Representational picture) Pixabay

An Indonesian maid has been found guilty of stealing items worth S$30,000 from Changi Group Chairman's family. The verdict was pronounced by District Judge Olivia Low after 19 hearings that spanned for many months.

Parti Liyani, the 45-year-old Indonesian maid had worked in the family of Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong between March 2007 and October 2016. When Parti Liyani joined the family of Leong, she was offered a salary of S$300 and on October, she was apparently earning S$600 before the family fired her on theft suspicions.

While working in the family of Leong, Parti Liyani stole various items that include two bags of Leong which were worth S$200, several watches and more than 100 pieces of clothing that belonged to Leong's son Karl Liew. The court also found that Parti Liyani stole jewelry owned by Leong's daughter May, and Gucci sunglasses that belonged to Leong's wife.

During the hearing, Parti argued that most of these items were given to her by Leong's family. She also claimed that some of these valuables were retrieved after the family discarded them in the bins.

Despite her plea, the court revealed that the chances of Leong's family conspiring against the Indonesian maid is nil, as she has been working with them for many years.

"They had in fact compensated her for the termination and was even willing to pay for the shipping of her items back to Indonesia. On the contrary, the modus operandi of the accused was to take a variety of items from different family members thinking that these would go unnoticed by them," said the Judge, Channel News Asia reports.

The sentence for Parti will be made on Monday. As per laws in Singapore, Parti may face a jail term of seven years and a fine as per the charge levied against her.