Texas Woman Hired Childhood Friend To Murder Pregnant Lesbian Lover and Her Family, Watched Them Die Live on FaceTime

Texas woman hired childhood friend to kill pregnant lesbian lover and her family.

A Texas woman, 29, has been charged with three capital murder charges in connection with the the shooting deaths of a couple and their daughter inside their southwest Houston apartment on June 30, 2021. The victims are Donyavia Lagway, 29, her husband Gregory Carhee, 35, and their daughter Harmony Carhee, 6.

According to reports in ABC 13, Alexus Chenelle Williams aka Alexus Williams planned the attack and hired a hitman, Xavier Davis, who happens to be her childhood friend. Williams, who is facing the same charges as Davis, was reportedly in a relationship with the mother, Donyavia Lagway. Courts documents reveal that Williams and the mother broke up a couple of weeks before the the couple and their child were killed.

Reports suggest Williams convinced the hitman to kill the whole family and told him that there was cash in the apartment in the 12100 block of Fondren and that he could have it all. Williams is also suspected of watching her hitman friend murder her ex-girlfriend and her family through FaceTime.

Alexus Williams
Houston Police Department

"He was on Facetime with Alexus Williams. That means she watched either the executions or the immediate aftermath of that family being wiped out," said Sean Teare, the chief of Harris County District Attorney's Office Trial Bureau Division. Teare also said that the homicide detectives were able to get the phone records which exposes Williams' wicked plans of killing the family as she was on FaceTime during the murder.

Another daughter, 10, of the deceased couple was also shot, but she played dead to survive while their 1-year-old son was not injured, according to authorities. Their 8-year-old son was not present ion the apartment at the time of the shooting. The couple's daughter, who played dead, told police that the killer knocked on the door of their apartment before killing her parents and sibling.

Who is Alexus Williams?

Alexus Williams is a murder suspect, who has been charged with two counts of capital murder, one count of capital murder of a victim under 10 and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to reports.

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was on FaceTime during the murder