Texas Teacher Under Investigation Over Sexually Explicit Video She Filmed on School Premises

LCISD teacher
Stills from the videos being circulated on social media appear to show the LCISD teacher filmed the content on school premises. Twitter

A former Lamar Consolidated ISD teacher is under investigation for allegedly filming sexually explicit videos of herself inside an elementary school classroom.

As reported by KHOU, LCISD said the woman already resigned in February for unspecified reasons. The district said it wasn't aware of the videos until Wednesday.

Teacher Filmed Videos in School Classroom, Bathroom Stall

"We have shocking video," community activist Candace Matthews said at a news conference, adding that the video allegedly showed the former educator stripping inside a classroom.

"And also a second video doing this porn video in the school bathroom, during school hours," Matthews said.

The alleged video clip, posted by popular X (formerly Twitter) account @LibsofTikTok, appears to show the teacher lifting up her hoodie to reveal her breasts in what looks like a classroom. A second clip shows the teacher filming herself flashing her assets in a bathroom.

The activists say it happened at Gray Elementary in Richmond. LCISD said they don't believe any children were present during filming but they're still investigating.

"If she would do this in a classroom, what else will she do?" Quanell X asked.

The teacher's identity has not been disclosed since criminal charges have not been filed but an active investigation is now underway.

Activists are calling for, among other things, the former teacher's license to be revoked.

"This woman should never, ever be allowed to be an educator," Quanell X said. "This woman should never be allowed to work with children ever again."

LCISD Releases Statement

LCISD said it was the teacher's first year with the district. Read the full statement below:

"This afternoon, the district received copies of two videos of a former employee allegedly recorded on school property. The videos were provided by a citizen. Our officers have opened an investigation and, upon initial review, do not believe that children were present during the filming of the videos. However, the investigating officer is working to verify the timestamp and circumstances surrounding the recordings. If the district finds that criminal behavior or conduct violating the Texas Administrative Code Educator's Code of Ethics has occurred, we will engage with the appropriate reporting agencies."