Texas Teacher Clicks Photo of Her Foot on Black Student's Neck After Derek Chauvin Verdict

A Texas school announced the suspension of a teacher over a 'staged photo' that showed her foot firmly pressed against the neck of a black student, who is seen lying down on a pavement. It is reported the photo was clicked after Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict.

The Lamar Elementary School in Greenville from the suburbs of Dallas' Hunt County district has not named and identified the teacher due to security reasons but went on to say that it was a staged photo and the teacher has been sacked for her actions.

Teacher keeps foot on black students neck
Texas teacher keeps her foot on a 10-year-old black students neck. Facebook / Herald Banner

The mother of the black student was stunned and outraged after the teacher, who she claims is white, sent her the picture with her foot on her son's neck.

The boy is seen wearing a black pullover with white stripes and covered his face with the hoodie, while the teacher is seen wearing canvas shoes and denims.

The 10-year-old black student's aunt, Lakadren Moore, revealed that the teacher sent the boy's mother the photo shortly after Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts and stated that her nephew told the family that the teacher called him out of the class for acting and told the boy if he doesn't do his homework she would put her foot on his neck.

''You don't do that to a 10-year-old. You don't do that to a child. Period,'' said Moore to the Herald Banner. The family is outraged by the act and demand the teacher to be booked under the law for her behavior.

The school district authorities confirmed that the picture is authentic but the superintendent would not confirm the family's account of events. However, the incident is being investigated and Greenville ISD Superintendent Dr. Demetrus Liggins sent a letter to the parents confirming that the management is looking in to the matter.

''I was highly disgusted by it without having any additional information,'' Liggins told the Herald Banner and continued, ''At this point, I don't have all of the details of what occurred. So I can't speak to that. So it will ultimately be my decision.''

However, Dr. Liggins hinted that the teacher might not be fired from her post but is currently kept on suspension. ''So I really have to get the final details of what actually occurred and make a decision based on that,'' he said. Reports state that the teacher is kept on administrative leave until the outcome of the investigation.

Also, the boy's uncle Derrick Jackson, hit out at the teacher calling her a racist for her actions. "If my nephew was white and she was Black, it still wouldn't have mattered. It was wrong. You don't play like that," he said.