Texas Mom Charged With Murder of Son With Special Needs, Who Went Missing a Year Ago

Cindy had escaped country and is apparently hiding in India

A fugitive mother from Texas, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, has been accused of killing her 6-year-old son, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, nearly a year after he went missing under mysterious circumstances.

A grand jury in Tarrant County has charged her with serious crimes, including murder, harming a child, and abandoning a child without intending to return. At present, she is in India.

Noel, who had special needs, was last seen in October 2022, just after his twin sisters were born. Surprisingly, his disappearance wasn't reported to the police until March. The situation took a dark turn when the investigation revealed signs of a possible homicide, and Rodriguez-Singh fled to India, along with her husband and other children.


As the investigation unfolded, it became evident that Noel had suffered from terrible abuse and neglect. The family lived in poor conditions in a dirty shack, and the police found evidence suggesting a tragic end to Noel's life.

Details emerged about how Noel's mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, had mistreated him. She believed he was possessed by a demon and subjected him to terrible treatment, including withholding food and water and using physical violence. Family members disclosed that she even tried to hide Noel's disappearance by making up stories, like claiming he was taken to Mexico by his biological father or sold to a stranger at a local store.

The police chief, Craig Spencer, expressed a mix of emotions, describing the case as both rewarding and distressing. "This is a rewarding part of the investigation where we feel like our work is finally paying off if we're able to find justice for Noel, but at the same time, it also confirms our biggest fear," said Chief Spencer during a press conference. The discovery of the appalling conditions and the abuse suffered by Noel paint a grim picture.

The pursuit of justice for Noel continues, with efforts to bring Cindy Rodriguez-Singh back to the United States to face trial for her alleged crimes against her son.