Tesla ropes in Apple techie as autopilot software vice-president

Chris Lattner will now be responsible for the further acceleration of the future prospects of autonomous driving of Tesla

chris lattner

Tesla recently hired Chris Lattner as the Vice President of its autopilot software. Lattner, who comes from Apple, worked in the tech-behemoth as an in-charge of the Developer Tools Department.

Now in Tesla Lattner will lead the autopilot engineering team of the company. According to the blog post by Tesla Chris Lattner will be responsible for the further acceleration of the future prospects of autonomous driving. "We are very excited that Chris is joining Tesla to lead our autopilot engineering team and accelerate the future of autonomous driving."

Chris had spent a whole of 11 years in Apple. During his time in Apple he led the development of the swift programming language and also led work on Xcode and Apple's CPU and GPU compilers and a number of other development tools across a variety of roles.

Previously the interim vice president of Tesla Autopilot software, Jinnah Hosein, was working double duty at Tesla and as SpaceX's vice president of software. He will now return to a full-time role at SpaceX.

"As Chris joins Tesla, we would like to give a special thanks to Jinnah Hosein, SpaceX's Vice President of Software, who has been serving a dual role as the interim Vice President of Tesla Autopilot Software and will now be heading back to SpaceX full-time. We would like to thank Jinnah for the efforts needed to achieve excellence in both roles, David Nister, our Vice President of Autopilot Vision, and the team for their exceptional work in advancing Autopilot," the Tesla blog post said.

According to The Verge, Tesla has confirmed that the former Vice President of autopilot software, Sterling Anderson is no longer employed with the company.

This article was first published on January 11, 2017
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