Terminator: Dark Fate falls flat at the Box Office, distributors suffering loss

Terminator Dark Fate has earned $29 in North America and $102 million overseas till now which is disappointing

Terminator Dark Fate
Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the scenes from the movie "Terminator: Dark Fate" USA Today

When the trailer of the movie "Terminator: Dark Fate" dropped on the internet, it went viral in a jiffy and it was expected from the movie to turn out well as it had the return of original franchise stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. Well, the fate of the movie seems very dark here and the legacy of Terminator movie is not in good anticipation. Looking at the Box office figures, the audience shunned the most recent instalment of Terminator movie and did not enrich distributors.

Terminator: Dark Fate earned $29 in North America and $102 million overseas. With the standpoint of a big-budget movie, the figures, needless to say, is not what presumed. It involves more than $300 million in terms of production, marketing and distribution fees. However, the movie is expected to recover some of the money from digital rights and streaming partners' licenses.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger movie will not win the audience in the coming week and keep its hold in theatres like this, it is anticipated that the movie will endure the loss of almost $100 million theatrically. Terminator: Dark Fate was co-financed by three studios namely Paramount, Skydance and Disney. Each studio put up 30 percent of the budget of the movie and remaining was contributed by China's Tencent making them sustain a great loss.

Believing the Box office trade, Terminator: Dark Fate needs to earn more than $450 million in all to turn out as a profitable investment but the fate of the movie does not apparently appear to turn the tables anytime soon in terms of collection. By looking at the current situation, it seems the movie will stop its run at only $200 million globally.

If we go by reviews, the latest Terminator movie franchise did not disappoint critics but it did not impress them either. According to the critics, the movie did not bring anything new to the series and tries to milk the old concept again and again.

Earlier Terminator series have been in hotter fires but Terminator: Dark Fate took it too far. The distributors are already in loss and studios (Paramount, Skydance, and Disney) are eyeing to win glory for themselves with upcoming releases.