Teen Knifeman Who Was Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Shot Dead in Russia After He Stabbed a Police Officer

The incident took place a day after France got rattled by a string of attacks in the country and also at the French Consulate in Saudi Arabia

A teenager was shot dead by the Russian police after stabbing an officer while screaming 'Allahu Akbar'. The 16-year-old teenager was armed with a knife and a Molotov cocktail also attempted to set fire to a police station located in Kukmor on Friday.

The Investigative Committee of Russia stated that it was treating the incident as an attempted act of terrorism and had started a criminal case. The knifeman reportedly shouted the phrase and was heard to call the officers 'infidels' at the time of the attack.

Knifeman Killed in Russia

Stabbing (Representational image)
Representational Image

He stabbed the officer around three times while he got arrested. The victim was taken to a hospital and his wounds are thought to be not life-threatening. The police said they fired shots to warn into the air before being forced to shoot the teen. The suspect lost his life before medics reached the scene.

Kukmor, which is located in the Tatarstan region has a majority Muslim population. The incident happened a day after a string of Islamic terrorist attacks shocked the citizens of France. Three people got killed in a Roman Catholic church in Nice while a second knifeman was shot dead in Avignon. Both the suspects were screaming 'Allahu Akbar'.

A security guard was also stabbed at the French Consulate located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is still not known whether the three incidents were connected. In response to the violence on Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron put France under the maximum terror alert.

He stated that the country was 'under attack' by the religious extremists and vowed that France will not give in to any terror and fight for tolerance and freedom of speech. The president's response prompted anger from the Islamic fundamentalists as some of them vowed of punishing France. Earlier this month a history teacher by the name of Samuel Paty was decapitated after he showed cartoons of Prophet Mohammad to his students.