Tech Tycoon John McAfee Arrested for Wearing Lacy Thong as Mask; Calls it 'Safest Available'

McAfee was traveling with his wife Janice when the incident took place.

Multi-millionaire tech tycoon John McAfee was arrested by the Norwegian authorities after he refused to wear a medically certified mask over his black-colored lacy thong mask. McAfee was traveling with his wife Janice when the incident took place. While the authorities arrested McAfee, his wife, who too refused to wear a medically certified mask, was merely detained.

Following his release after 14 hours, McAfee tweeted: "I'm back in Belarus and, with the exception of a black eye, no worse for wear. I cannot speak publicly about my fun and games yesterday, regrettably, but after a few hours sleep I will be back with my usual stream of conscious:) Good to be back."

John McAfee
Tech tycoon John McAfee wearing a thong mask. Twitter

McAfee Calls Black Thongs his 'Coronovirus Mask'

Announcing his arrest through a tweet, the 74-year-old tech tycoon postponed his meeting with the Red Scarf Society. Stating that he is being detained in Norway, McAfee wrote: "Trivial issue but waiting for high level beaurocrats to arrive. Slow bastards, as you know. To be safe, I'm changing our meeting time to 10:00 tonight. Munich HB As usual. Our trip so far."

A few hours later, while sharing pictures of his lacy thong mask, McAfee revealed the reason behind his detention. "My Coronavirus mask is the problem. I am insisting it is the safest available and I'm refusing to wear anything else -- for my health's sake. Authority!?!?!?!?"

Soon after his tweet, Janice started tweeting from her husband's twitter account stating that she will manage John's account until he escapes (usual method), bribes someone (very quick - might be out in a few hours), retains the right lawyer (will be a few days) or becomes warden of the jail, in which case they will have to force him out.

The couple also posted a series of pictures related to their detention in Norway and the lacy thong mask being worn by McAfee.

Janice McAfee's Forced to Return Home in Munich

Janice, who frequently shares anti-mask conspiracy theories on her social media account, supported her husband's choice of face mask over a medically certified mask. "His thong mask: It doesn't recycle his exhaled carbon dioxide, like over the ear masks. (Breathing impaired people are exempt from wearing masks because masks impair respiration). Masks stop bacteria. Not viruses' people! He was arrested for what he believes. Thank you, my love."

A couple of hours later, Janice posted yet another video on the micro-blogging site where she is seen enjoying a bottle of champagne in the waiting room of the detention centre. She captioned the video, "John is the only person I know that can get you champagne while being detained!"

However, Janice was forced to return to her home in Munich following a delay in McAfee's release. In a video posted on his Twitter account, Janice said that John had instructed her to go home and wait for his arrival. "So, hopefully - you know him, he got this, so you'll be hearing from him soon, in a few hours I'm sure," she said in the video shot in their private plane.

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