Teaser for ex-IOI member Kim So Hye's new drama released [VIDEO]

Former I.O.I. member Kim So-hye plays a naive countryside girl in 'Kang Duk-soon's Love History.'

Kim So-hye
Kim So-hye. youtube.com/KBS 안테나

South Korean idol singer, actress and former I.O.I. band member Kim So-hye, is starring in her first television drama, 'Kang Duk-soon's Love History.' A teaser for the KBS2 drama set during the Japanese occupation of South Korea in early 20th century, has been released online.

As noted by website Soompi, Kim So-hye plays an innocent countryside girl called Kang Duk-soon who has very little idea about the world beyond her village. After the man she has a crush on, Kim Suk-sam, played by Oh Seung-yoon, leaves for Gyeongseong Province, she goes in search of him. Having reached the city, she gets involved in the Korean independence movement and learns a lot about life, other people and herself, in the process.

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As the teaser trailer for 'Kang Duk-soon's Love History' begins, we see Kim So-hye, dressed in traditional Korean garments, running through green fields, happily chased by her pet Korean Jindo. The first shot establishes her happy-go-lucky and playful nature.

Then we learn that the man she has a crush on is leaving for the city, telling Duk-soon, "I made a determination to sacrifice my life for the independence of our country. When I go to Gyeongseong Province this time, I'm not going to come back." In no time, she ends up in Gyeongseong, which is modern-day Seoul. She tells herself, "I have his address, so I'll find him in no time."

in Gyeongseong, her optimism and naiveté are soon found to be misplaced as she enters a tavern to have some food. Once she has been served, she loudly claims, "I'm looking for the place where the national independence youth is." Everyone stops eating and turns to her. The tavern owner, played by Kim Yeo-jin, then nods her head to someone and the little girl serving the food, throws Duk-soon's bowl down on the floor. "I'll give you money if you don't have enough. Instead, don't ever come back here again," the owner is heard telling her.

Of course, she stays in the city and wants to learn how to read. She is seen having a love-hate friendship with the young girl serving food, played by Park Seo-yeon. They fight and butt heads, while learning to read. Curiosities get the better of Duk-soon as she is seen sneaking in quietly and discovering secret passages inside the tavern and meeting dangerous people with guns and axes. She is also seen having an explosive breakdown in front of the tavern owner, who has a grim face, suggesting she has been through a lot.

The KBS 'Drama Special' will air on October 5 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the teaser below.

Also , as noted by Allkpop, Kim So-hye will be appearing in season 2 of 'Man Who Feeds the Dog' from Channel A, after having been a part of season 1, where she spent time with shelter dogs, with her former I.O.I. members. She warmed the hearts of many when she actually adopted the dog that she took care of in the shelter and named her Milk. She took the dog back home with her. The episode will air on September 30 at 9:30 PM KST.

This article was first published on September 30, 2017