Teacher Fired on Spot After Students Discover She Filmed Adult Video During Her Tenure

A middle school teacher hailing from Albuquerque in New Mexico was fired from her job by the management as students discovered that she featured in a pornographic video a few years ago and the video was uploaded online while she was still working as a teacher in the school.

The students who found the video online informed their parents about the teacher's past behavior and the parents took up the matter with the school authorities resulting in the teacher, who specialized in eighth-grade mathematics at the Bosque School, being removed from her job despite serving for four years diligently.

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The teacher, who has not been named for security reasons, was immediately terminated without any internal investigation by the management and announced that her actions violated the schools policy on behavior.

The school sent an official letter to all parents and guardians informing that an appropriate action and measures had been initiated against the teacher assuring them that the school holds their behavioral policy with high regards regardless of who violates it.

One of the policy of the school, which is also clearly mentioned in their website says posting pornographic videos is a violation and can lead to termination.

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However, it is still unknown whether the teacher herself uploaded the video online or was posted by somebody else and it looks like the school is no mood to find out either as no questions were asked, no investigation was initiated and the first step was firing her from the post. The letter however, confirmed that the video was indeed uploaded during her tenure at the school.

''As soon as we got this information she was immediately put on leave and as soon as we had that confirmation, she was immediately terminated,'' said the head of Bosque School, Jessie Barrie in the letter which was obtained by local media News 13.

It is also reported that the school management discussed with the other staff members in an online video call and had a head of management explain their policy once again saying they expect teachers to be role models and behave and conduct in a respectful manner and crossing the line would face consequences.