Taylor Swift Leaves Fans Awestruck as She Dives Headfirst into the Stage and Swims During Eras Tour [WATCH]

The audience cheered and gasped as the images on stage showed an ocean wave, which caused the alteration.

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Taylor Swift is breaking the internet. No, this time it's not with her mellifluous voice but with her onstage antics. The Grammy-winning singer left her fans spellbound with her headfirst dive on stage this weekend, during the first two nights of her "Eras Tour." Since then, Swift has gone viral on social media.

Swift kicked off her highly anticipated tour, featuring songs from each of her 10 albums, on Friday at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. She engaged in several show-stopping transitions throughout her performance to depict her switch between her various "eras," each of which represented one of her albums.

Done So Swiftly

Video from the second night of her tour, which was released on Twitter, showed the singer intentionally heading towards the stage's edge while swimming pool sounds played in the background.

She completed singing "Tim McGraw," a song from her debut album from 2006, and then started moving toward the center of the catwalk. She then dived from the platform head first and vanished into the crowd.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift gets ready to take the dive headfirst into the stage Twitter

The floor continued to light up and showed a film of the "Anti-Hero" singer swimming in order to showcase this ostensibly effortless transition into a new "period." The audience cheered and gasped as the images on stage showed an ocean wave, which caused the alteration.

Swift then reappeared on stage and proceeded to climb a ladder that led to a show of clouds. She was raised even higher into the props by the ladder.

Taylor Swift
`Taylor Swift seen taking the stunning dive headfirst into the stage as audience cheer on Twitter

Her dancers brought back the props on stage before Swift emerged from the cloud and started singing "Lavender Haze," the first track from her most recent album, Midnights. She continued to sing wearing a purple fluffy coat and standing next to a bed with purple sheets, making references to her album.

Fins Go Wild

Swift was seen performing this transition once again while wearing a green dress in video posted on Twitter from Friday's concert. Fans in the audience watched in astonishment as Swift vanished in the most grandiose way, and many shared their disbelief on social media as they followed the stunt's development.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift seen diving headfirst into the stage during the opening of her Eras tour Twitter

One fan even jested that the multi-award-winning star was now aiming for an "Olympic gold" as he tweeted about the occasion.

Taking to Twitter to debrief over the unexpected theatrics, one astonished fan wrote: "EXCUSE ME TAYLOR SWIFT JUST DID A DIVE HEAD FIRST INTO THE STAGE WHAT."

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Twitter

"The dive was the craziest thing I've ever seen, I was so caught off guard LMAO," shared another.

"Aside from being a 12-time Grammy winner, a doctor, a director, one of the most acclaimed songwriters of the music industry, and having a record-breaking career in the arts, Taylor Swift is now searching for that swimming Olympic medal, look at that dive," wrote yet another fan.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift performing during her Eras tour Twitter

Although the foreign dates for Swift's much awaited tour have not yet been announced, the US leg will end on August 9 in Los Angeles. With a massive 44 songs per night, she is definitely making it worthwhile for the audience as well. This adds up to more than three hours of singing.

This article was first published on March 21, 2023