Tatyana Remley: Glamorous Equestrian Who Hired Hitman to Kill Husband for $2M is 'Sex-Crazed Bisexual' Who 'Slept Her Way' to Target Rich Men

According to her friends, Tatyana Remley was involved in the San Diego polo community before she eventually chose to pursue a relationship with Mark.

The glamorous Russian equestrian who is accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband was a sex-crazed bisexual who enjoyed being an "icy bitch" with lovers, former friends have claimed. Tatyana Remley, 42, was arrested on August 2 after it was revealed that the man, she had hired to kill her husband, Mark Remley, was an undercover policeman.

Remley is currently being held in a San Diego jail. According to acquaintances who spoke to The New York Post, Tatyana Remley was scheming and manipulative and took advantage of Mark Remley, who had inherited $26 million from his parents, in an attempt to exploit his wealth.

Sex-Crazed Bisexual

Tatyana Remley
Tatyana Remley Facebook

They also said that Tatyana led a glitzy life of high fashion, and used to attend parties and polo matches where she is said to have schemed to meet both men and women romantically.

"I was surprised that she would be that brutal, but I know a couple guys who 'played' with her and they said she was an icy bitch," a former friend told the publication.

Another described Tatyana as "sex-crazed" and noted that she used her looks and body to seduce affluent men. It's worth noting that she is also reported to have engaged in lesbian relationships with women.

"She started with the polo players and pretty soon started targeting the rich men," said the former friend.

Tatyana Remley
Tatyana Remley Facebook

"She was sex crazed and several of the guys had their way with her. When you have a body like that, it attracts attention.

"Tatyana was doing pretty naughty things, and had a girlfriend too. And she was getting away with it."

According to her friends, Tatyana Remley was involved in the San Diego polo community before she eventually chose to pursue a relationship with Mark. Both Tatyana and Mark had previously been married and had children from their previous marriages.

"I always wondered how she got someone like Mark," said a former acquaintance.

Tatyana Remley
Tatyana Remley Twitter

"Everybody who would be honest thinks she was very, very lucky."

Tatyana persuaded Mark to fund her pet disastrous project, which was described as a "Cirque de Soleil with horses," and unfortunately, this endeavor led to the bankruptcy of the company he had founded for the show back in 2012.

She then shifted her focus to polo, even though she wasn't an accomplished rider herself. She managed to convince Mark to purchase five polo ponies for her. "I knew she wasn't a very good rider, but she thought she was a superstar," one friend said.

Polo ponies can vary in price, with entry-level ones typically ranging from $5,000 to $15,000. However, experienced animals trained at top yards can command prices as high as $200,000.

Dark Past of a Sex Maniac

Tatyana's journey through various ventures appears to have been marked by setbacks and abrupt changes in direction. After her initial experience in polo, where she broke her arm during her first competition in August 2015 at the San Diego Polo Club, she decided to lose interest, leading to the sale of the ponies.

Tatyana Remley
Tatyana Remley with her estranged husband Mark Remley Twitter

In 2015, the couple ventured into the fitness industry by opening a cycling studio named Rhythm and Power. However, it closed down the next year, and the specific reasons for its closure remain undisclosed.

By April, Tatyana and Mark Remley had plans to relocate to Wellington, Florida, where the National Polo Center is located.

Yet, within a few months, in July, Tatyana filed for divorce. She alleged that her husband and his friends had entered their home on May 21, with one of his friends sexually assaulting her while Mark watched and laughed.

"They forced entry into my bedroom and held me at gunpoint," Tatyana Remley said in her declaration. "I was raped by one of his friends, who also told me that he planned on killing me. This happened all while Respondent watched and laughed, allowing his friends to proceed.

"They went to break my expensive horse statue in the yard and put the head of the horse in my bed, Godfather style."

Tatyana's divorce claims included allegations of her husband's cocaine addiction and violent outbursts attributed to mental illness.

Tatyana Remley
Tatyana Remley Twitter

However, according to friends who were acquainted with the couple, they do not believe Tatyana's claims. They said that both Tatyana and Mark enjoyed cigars and vodka but had never witnessed Mark using drugs.

These friends also mentioned that Mark used to be very attentive to his wife, but this changed after Tatyana discussed her murder-for-hire plot with their mutual friend in early July, which the friend confirmed to The Coast News.

The undercover police officer, who was posing as a hitman, set up a meeting with Tatyana at a Starbucks located on Loma Santa Fe Drive on August 2. During this meeting, she allegedly brought along three firearms and a "down payment" for the alleged murder-for-hire plot.

"She provided detailed information on how she wanted her husband killed and his body disposed," officials with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said.

Tatyana has pleaded not guilty to the charges.