Suzi Cortez's hot cable kick workout video on Valentines Day take over fans on social media

Brazillian model Suzi Cortez shared a hot workout video on Instagram setting major fitness goals on Valentines Day for fans

Brazillian model Suzi Cortez has shared a hot workout video on Instagram that has left her fans to go wow. Suzi has set major fitness goals for her fans. The diva has released the video on Valentines Day and it has already garnered a lot of attention from her fans on social media. In the video, Suzi is seen working out and doing cable kickback for toning her sexy and famous butts for which she became a two-time titleholder of Miss BumBum.

The Brazillian bombshell has always managed to attract her fans with hot and sultry posts on social media. She dares to go naked in most of her Instagram photos making fans go gaga sometimes. Her daring attitude and controversial stunts is something that fans think is impeccable. She recently made headlines for her tattoo. Suzi got her favourite sports personality and Barcelona star Lionel Messi's face tattooed on her groin that created a huge buzz on social media.

Suzi sends temperature soaring with her pictures

Suzi Cortez
Suzi Cortez shows off six pack abs

Suzi isn't shy flaunting her figure. She often goes nude and topless on Instagram. Her recent series of sexy pictures took the internet by storm and one can't get over her sexiness. Her latest video post on Insta has received more than 75.9K views.

Several fans took to their social media account to share their feeling about the video and Suzi. One of her fans called her trainer lucky as he stood staring at her exercising in the video while others just shared fire emojis to define her smoking hot beauty. The sexy Suzi makes sure that her fans aren't bored and she keeps posting interesting content online to entertain them.