Super Mario Run to get update; new mode, level and character to be added

Nintendo is on its way to add several new updates to the mobile game Super Mario Run

Nintendo is on its way to rolling out a new update for its mobile game Super Mario Run, suggests a post on the Apple's App Store. As per the report, the update is supposed to add a bunch of new features, including a new mode, new levels and also a new character, to the game. The update is slated to come to the Android and iOS version of the game on September 29.

Here's what you can expect:

  • As part of the update, Super Mario Run will get a new mode named Remix 10. This mode will have 10 super short sections from Super Mario Run's existing levels in quick succession. Each of these 10 attempts will give new layouts and challenges to the players and they can collect rainbow-hued medals upon completing the challenges. Another interesting feature of this mode is that it will not have any Game Over screen. Finishing stages in Remix 10 will also provide the player with the opportunity to rescue Princess Daisy, who will later join the game as a playable character.
  • After one rescues Princess Daisy in Super Mario Run Remix 10 mode, players will be able to unlock her as a playable character in all of Super Mario Run's game modes. The special ability of Princess Daisy will be double jump.
  • Add to that, Nintendo is also including a new world for the players to explore - World Star. This will have nine levels and it can be unlocked once players finish all the stages of Worlds one to six.
  • Finally, players will also get to play their own choice of music while playing the game.
  • Wait, Nintendo is not done yet. The Chinese gaming company will also offer a 50% discount on the price of Super Mario Run for two weeks starting from September 29.

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