Super Junior's Siwon apologises for neighbour's death caused by his dog

Choi Siwon, member of Kpop band Super Junior uploaded a post on Twitter apologizing sincerely for their dog who bit and caused the death of Kim, a neighbour.

Choi Siwon and his dog Bugsy
Choi Siwon and his dog Bugsy Twitter

Kim, who was bitten by an unleashed dog in his apartment compound on 30 September in South Korea, died four days later due to sepsis, according to a report by Allkpop.Later, the matter got out of hand on 20 October as the dog happened to be owned by Choi Siwon, one of the members of the K-pop band Super Junior.

The stir that followed the incident on Korean media has finally forced Siwon to offer his apology on Twitter on 21 October saying, "This is Choi Siwon. I bow my head in apology to the bereaved family, who must be going through great shock and sorrow right now. I feel very apologetic for the incident that our family's dog was recently involved in. I extend my sincerest condolences to the family of the deceased."

He also added that he, as a member of a family, should have been careful and closely supervised his dog. He said that his carelessness has led to a horrible incident for which he offered the apology and vowed not to repeat it in the future.

Even Siwon's younger sister has shared a lengthy post on Instagram which is an apology letter on behalf of their father Choi Ki Ho. It read, "It is true that the deceased neighbor suffered a bite from our family dog, while our door was slightly ajar for a brief moment, and that he died as a result of sepsis. However, we heard after inquiring that additional causes such as secondary infection or a problem caused during the treatment process cannot be ruled out at this point, and so it is difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of death."

According to Siwon's father, the family paid a visit to Kim's family to apologise personally for the incident and bowed their heads to express their regrets. He further expressed that he is worried that the spread of misleading or speculative content may hurt Kim's family further, who are mourning in silence.

The late Kim worked as the CEO of a popular traditional restaurant that served several Korean presidents in the past.

However, Siwon's French bulldog Bugsy, who bit Kim, has reportedly caused trouble in the past as well, according to an old post on Twitter . "Because I bite people, I receive training once a week for an hour (with mom and noona). I don't know what it all is yet. I'm happy because the teacher gives me food. On Saturdays, this is how I live..." ,the post read.

What happened now has shocked the netizens until the star, despite being aware of his dog's biting habits, remained silent initially ignoring the age-old norm in Japan and Korea that showing repentance by the accused family negates half the trouble.