Super Junior Member Kim Heechul Apologizes for Controversial Remarks During Live Broadcast

Super Junior member Kim Heechul has apologized for his controversial remarks on school violence and other issues during a live broadcast. The K-pop idol recently appeared on a live show by BJ (broadcasting jockey) Choi as a guest. In the program aired on AfreecaTV, the singer spoke about several subjects with the show host while having alcoholic drinks.

Heechuk swept in controversy for swearing during the discussions on school violence and an online community. The singer also received backlash for defending former team member Kangin. The artist received backlash for his scandal and past drunk driving case. On Monday, the K-pop idol took to Instagram to apologize for his controversial remarks during a live broadcast.

Regardless of the right or wrong of his thoughts, he wants to apologize for aggressively using vulgar expressions and profanity. He also apologized for portraying double standards. The singer said he is sorry for the fans who got hurt due to his controversial remarks by him.

The Super Junior member then promised his fans that this would be the last time he got into the controversy. The K-pop idol said he would try his best to stay away from any issues in the future. He concluded the post by stating that he believes there is nothing wrong with swearing at school violence and some sites.

Super Junior member Kim Heechul
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Here is the Apology Post by Super Junior Member Kim Heechul