Super Chat: Select YouTubers get to highlight comments from today; other features

YouTube has come up with a new feature, which allows users to pay in order to pin their comments on the top of a live stream to get noticed


No matter how important or unique you think your comment is, making your comment visible and getting a reply on that in a popular live stream can be very difficult. Most of the times, our comments get lost in the ocean of comments if the conversation progresses very quickly.

And to solve this matter, YouTube has come up with a new feature - Super Chat- through which viewers, who crave for the spotlight to be on his/her comment, can pay to highlight and flag their comments at the top of live YouTube streams.

There will appear a dollar bill symbol in the chat window, once that is clicked viewers will encounter a slider that reveals the amount of time their comment will be pinned for and also how much they will have to pay for it.The Super Chat will pop up in vivid colours, big text and can be pinned for as long as five hours. The more viewers fork out, the longer their comment will stand out.

"The goal for Super Chat is to help fans reach out to their favorite YouTubers in real time and vice versa. Creators can look at their messages and prioritize their biggest fans during a stream," said YouTube product manager Barbara Macdonald.

Super Chat is going online from Monday for selected YouTubers and will launch more extensively on January 31. It will be available for creators in 20 countries and viewers in 40 countries.

One negative part is now that haters now will be able to pay and pin up their lewd comments. To tackle this, Macdonald says that YouTubers should blacklist the viewers who harass them.

This article was first published on January 16, 2017