Sulli receiving many casting offers after chest baring scene in Real

Real was released on June 28.

Real movie
Kim Soo Hyun (left) and Sulli in "Real" KOBIS / Cove Pictures

South Korean actress/singer Sulli reportedly received a lot of praise for her performance in the film, Real. The former girl group f(x) member dared to bare in the R-rated movie that was released on June 28.

According to a report in Allkpop, the 23-year-old actress' acting in Real, has opened a lot of opportunity for her. A source said: "Perhaps it's because she started acting when she was a kid but she did very well. Also, her face is one of her greatest traits/factors - she can play a variety of roles. Because of that, it feels like the film industry is giving her a lot of casting offers. 'Real' was an unprecedented movie. I think whenever a project is great, she could be an actress who takes more risks and unconventional roles."

Adding on, Sulli's label SM Entertainment confirmed that she received a lot of offers as well. The agency stated: "It is true that there are many offers coming in many areas such as movies, dramas, etc. She will continue to display her acting skills through many projects."

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun detailed about his sex scene with Sulli in the movie. He told Korea JoongAng Daily: "I met her for the first time while making this movie. I didn't know what kind of voice she has or how she acts. Then I met her and she is very passionate. She was easy to talk to and work with as she is a type of person who asks things that she's curious about on the spot."

"To film the most intimidating scene, we both put a lot of effort into controlling what we eat. When the day of filming came, we both were putting lots of energy onto our abdominal muscles [to look better] so we couldn't breathe well or read the lines loudly," he added.