Sulli posts selfie in noodle strap top on Instagram: Actress wants someone to ask her out on a date

Sulli made the playful comment on Instagram account.

Sulli posted selfie with her own makeup on Instagram Instagram/jelly_jilli

South Korean actress/singer Sulli wants someone to ask her out on a date. The 22-year-old artist made the playful comment on Instagram account.

Sulli shared a selfie of her wearing a noodle strap top, and eye make-up. She wrote: "I did the eyeliner properly for the first time...and I also tried doing compact foundation... I get why people put on makeup now. But I'm going to erase it and go to sleep. Someone ask me out on a date."

Later, Sulli posted her Kakao Talk conversation with her makeup artist. The caption read: "I was approved by my makeup stylist. Proud. She always asks me what I do at home."

In the screenshot of the conversation, the makeup artist told Sulli: "I am unhappy. You're getting better." She responded: "lolll I am, arennn't I. So cool."

Recently, rumours emerged that all is not well between her and Dynamic Duo's Choiza. However, the South Korean rapper's agency Amoeba Culture stated: "There is a rumor going around that Choiza and Sulli's relationship is on the rocks, but we have not heard anything. This is a personal affair between the two of them so we as a company will not be interfering in it."

Sulli's agency, SM Entertainment also commented on their relationship. They revealed: "The two of them are still in a good relationship."

Meanwhile, Sulli had been filming for her upcoming movie titled Real with actor Kim Soo Hyun. She was rumoured to have exposed her bust while shooting an intimate scene in the movie.


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