Suits season 7 renewed, Mike and Rachel to get married in upcoming season?

The fans eagerly wait for the new season which will feature Harvey in a new role.

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The season 7 of Suits has been renewed by the USA Network but the exact premiere date is not yet announced. The Season 6 of Suits ended on a happy note as Ross (Patrick J.Adams) becomes a lawyer. However, the final episode also saw the breakup between Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Tara's (Carly Pope). Whereas, Harvey is seen accepting a new responsibility and takes up Jessica's office. On the other hand, there is Mike and Rachel who are now lawyers at Pearson Specter Litt

The fans eagerly wait for the new season which will feature Harvey in a new role, and quite possibly Mike and Rachel's marriage.

Fans are pretty excited about their marriage as their wedding plans crumbled down in the finale of Season 5. In Season 6, fans saw the couple who is deeply in love with each other plans to get married once again but the wedding did not take place in the said season. So, it is quite expected that the next season will certainly feature their wedding.

In fact, Patrick J. Adams in an interview revealed that he is anticipating some happy times for the couple and he just like the viewers is exciting to see both of them as lawyers. He further added that the couple managed to survive all the odds where most of the couples fail.

However, he said he doesn't have much idea about the plans of the couple in Suits Season 7. So, there is no official news if the marriage will actually happen in the upcoming season or not. For that, fans will have to wait for the release of the next season.

Well, what can be expected is Mike using Harvey's office cabin and Harvey using Jessica's.

Patrick J. Adams says as cited by Movie News Guide, "In the series Suits, the balance which these two guys always seek has sometimes come at the cost of morality. In order to achieve something big, the two has worked consistently together. Fans have seen this in the Suits series. Now in Suits Season 7, fans will see that same struggle becoming a common theme in the show."

This article was first published on March 12, 2017