Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Park Bo Young is not so young, find out age differences between cast members of the drama

The real life age differences of the actors and actresses in the drama will come as a shock to you.

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon
Actors Park Hyung-sik, Park Bo-young and Ji-soo during a Press Conference for JTBC's 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.'

The JTBC romantic-comedy drama, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has captured the hearts of viewers and is already a mega-hit in Korea. Apart from the amazing storyline, incredibly strong cast and their wonderful chemistry with each other have added to its success. However, do you know that the age difference between the cast members is very different from what it is shown? In fact, the real life age differences of the actors and actresses in the drama will come as a shock to you.

For the viewers who thought that the lead actress of the drama, Park Bo Young, is really young, given her short height, cute little face and her overall appearance, it is not actually so. Rather, both the lead actors of the drama are younger to her. Though it doesn't look like but Bo Young is 27-year old and her lead co-stars Park Hyun Sik and Ji Soo is 25 and 24-year old, respectively.

Bo Young's on-screen brother An Woo Yeon is just one year younger to his sister in real life. The lead actress' on-screen mother played by Shim Hye Jin and Bong Soon's father played by Yoo Jae Myung have an age difference of 7 years in real-life. It turns out that Bo Young's on-screen mother is actually 7 years older than Bong Soon's on-screen dad in real life.

However, it is to be noted that the huge age differences in real-life didn't really affect their performance on-screen. They play their characters with much honesty and that's why it becomes hard to guess their real age.

In other news, JTBC recently released behind-the-scenes (BTS) clip of "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" unveiling some of the incident or rather accidents that took place while Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik were practicing the fight sequences.

"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" airs every Friday and Saturday on JTBC.

This article was first published on April 4, 2017