Strong Girl Namsoon Episode 8 Recap, Review

Strong Girl Namsoon episode 8 aired on JTBC on Sunday (October 29) at 10:30 pm KST. The chapter focussed on the secret mission of Gang Nam Soon and Kang Hee Sik. They worked together to gather evidence against Ryu Si Oh. People in Korea watched the episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the show with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

The romantic fantasy thriller drama picked up right from where it left off in episode 7 and followed Gang Nam Soon. The eighth episode of this mini-series focussed on the female lead as she did something hilarious to gather evidence against Ryu Si Oh. She joined the corporate relationship team of Doogo and started spying on the villain.

Gang Nam Soon visited the Heritage Club on the first day of her work and had an unpleasant encounter with Marie Kim. After finishing her work at the club, she went straight to the office to steal data from Ryu Si Oh's computer. When Gang Nam Soon discussed her plan with detectives Oh Young Tak and Kang Hee Sik, they looked forward to her brilliance. But she entered the office in a ghost costume and nearly got caught as she jumped out of the window with the CEO's computer.

The spy work of Gang Nam Soon gave a good laugh to the viewers. Her fearlessness helped her handle difficult situations lightly. There were times when her detective friend decided to go out of his way to help her. It remains to be seen how the spy work will affect the female lead. The followers of Strong Girl Namsoon will have to watch episode 9 to find out the outcome.

Strong Girl Namsoon
Strong Girl Namsoon poster Twitter/JTBC

Mystery Man Bread Song

While Gang Nam Soon continued her spy work on Ryu Si Oh, her mother got slightly diverted from the investigation because of the mystery man Bread Song. She has been digging into his past for a while but could not find any information about him. Her conversation with Song Min Kyung and Ms. Gong made things worse. They knew everything he told them about him was untrue. Still, they continued to work with him because he was helping them make money.

Since Hwang Geum Ju could not find anything about Bread Song from her sources, she approached his secretary, Nam Hong Do. The secretary informed the HSC Finance Triple owner about Hwang Geum Ju. Though he seemed annoyed by her initially, her net worth pulled him towards her. Meanwhile, the businesswoman could not believe her eyes when he saw a photo of him in Russia, spying on Ryu Si Oh.

Strong Girl Namsoon
Strong Girl Namsoon poster Twitter/JTBC

The Love Birds

Gil Joong Gan enjoyed her time with Seo Jun Hee while her daughter and granddaughter were focussed on the investigation of drug dealings in Korea. The couple spent quality time together and were nearly taking the next step in their relationship when Hwang Geum Ju received a call from her father. He informed his daughter that he was coming to Korea. The viewers will have to watch Strong Girl Namsoon episode 9 to know how his arrival will affect the love life of Gil Joong Gan.

Meanwhile, Ji Hyun Soo and Teacher No faced a few challenges in their romantic relationship. After receiving a large sum of money from Hwang Geum Ju, Ji Hyun Soo felt differently about his relationship with Teacher No. He decided to break up with her in episode 8.