Sting desires to have a confrontation with The Undertaker

Sting. WWE

The Undertaker taking on Sting has remained a dream match for the fans of WWE for decades now. Till now, there have been end number of rumours on the duo clashing in the sports entertainment, but it has never become a reality.

Now, Sting, whose career in WWE is virtually over following an injury a few years ago, still nurtures the dream of clashing with The Undertaker. In the recent episode of WWE Untold aired on WWE Network, he opened up on the possible confrontation with the Deadman.

"You know if everything lines up just right. Vince, Triple H, 'Taker, and Sting, maybe we could do this. Maybe we could just do a little, let's just do a face-off. Let's get you guys involved in this or that. So maybe I could do it. Maybe I could do that. I don't know, again, if it's just ego and pride or whatever, but I feel like I could do it all these years later," Wrestling News quoted him as saying.

"It's insanity, I guess I'm a pro wrestler for life," the bat-wielding avenger said.

Sting is associated with the WWE since 2014 and made his first-ever appearance in a WWE ring by attacking Triple H. He had his first big match against Triple H in WrestleMania which he lost after the intervention of D-Generation X and members from the New World Order.

His next match clash came against Seth Rollins at the Night of Champions, but suffered a legit neck injury in the match. Yet he completed the bout which virtually ended his career.

However, the fans have been hoping for the match between The Undertaker and Sting for years. There have been lots of rumours, but the WWE creative, though had given consideration, did not build a story around them.

One of the rumours doing at that time claimed that considering the age of both the stars, the creative did not show much interest on the dream clash.