Steven Crowder releases 'Kung Flu Fighting' parody mocking China for initial COVID-19 cover-up

Conservative host Steven Crowder makes a parody video 'Kung Flu Fighting' criticizing the Chinese government for their initial cover up of Covid 19

Conservative host Steven Crowder released a parody song 'Kung Flu Fighting' poking fun at the Chinese government for their initial cover up about the Coronavirus pandemic and later allowing it to spread across the globe. The song also mentions Doctor Li Wenliang, who was the first to warn the world about the virus but the Chinese government took action against him and he lost his life as he contracted the virus.

The original track 'Kung Fu Fighting' was from Carl Douglas in 1974, and several Hollywood movies used the song in their soundtracks. Apart from mocking the Chinese government, the video also shows panic shoppers in the United States fighting at stores while purchasing essentials. Check out Steven Crowder's Kung Flu Fighting parody.

Just a few days ago, Steven Crowder hosted Dr Christopher Choi in his talk show Louder With Crowder, who is of South Korean descent and the two agreed to the fact that the Chinese government allowed the pandemic to rapidly expand around the world and hid it during the initial stages. The doctor also explained how the virus spreads and the precautions we need to take to remain sound and safe.

Chinese Virus and Kung Flu

Steven Crowder
Steven Crowder Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump has repeatedly called Coronavirus as 'Chinese Virus' on both Twitter and White House briefings, only to receive criticism from progressives and journalists, while the right wing Conservative base lapped it up supporting the President with the term. Trump also went ahead saying Asian Americans agree with him ''100 percent'' for using the term as the virus originated from China.

Also, CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang tweeted that a White House official privately called Coronavirus as ''Kung Flu'' right to her face and wondered what they might have called it behind her back. She brought up the name during a press conference with Trump at the White House and the President didn't condemn the term and tried to downplay it by saying, "I wonder who said that. You know who said that? Say the term again.''

Kellyanne Conway also called the term Kung Flu ''highly offensive'' and went on a defensive spree asking the CBS journalist to reveal the name of the White House official who used the derogatory term. She said gesturing towards Weijia Jiang, "I'd like to know who they are. But hold on, you can't just say that and not name them. Tell us who it was. Come up here and tell us who it was.''

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