Stephen King's IT trailer sets record for the most views in single day [VIDEO]

It received 197 million views on the first day and the number is increasing each and every day

The remake trailer of the horror movie IT by Stephen King crushed the record for the most views on a movie trailer in the first 24 hours. It received 197 million views on the first day and the number is increasing each and every day.

Forbes noted that the first trailer of Stephen King received 197 million views globally with over 81 million views from Facebook. The trailer also got shared 1.8 million times on the social media. The trailer breaks the previously set record by the trailer for The Fate of the Furious which received 139 million views in 24 hours.

The said movie is based on the 1986 book by Stephen King. The story revolves around seven children who call themselves the "Losers Club". The main problem starts when they are all stalked by a demonic clown named Pennywise.

Tim Curry starred as the creepy clown Pennywise in the original version of the film, in the remake Bill Skarsgard is playing the film's villain, it also stars Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard.

The trailer hinted that it is quite similar to the original film but it has a fair chance of becoming a classic cult considering the restriction the original movie had to endure.

Moreover, according to Collider, there is chance of making another instalment of the movie focussing on the main group of children as adults, similar to the 1990's book adaptation, divided it into parts between the characters as adults and children.

Pennywise returns after every 27 years to terrorise the town of Derry. It is also coincidentally been 27 years since the original movie was released in 1990.

According to the reports, the remake will closely stick to the source material of the book and original film and will release with R rating, and is likely to be much more intense. The remake of the IT movie is all set to be released on September 8.