Stepfather Impregnates 14-year-old girl, Says God Had Occupied His Body

Stepfather has been charged with raping a girl below 15 years of age and performing an obscene act on a child.

Rape and harassment

The mother of a 14-year-old schoolgirl was in for a shock when doctors said that her daughter was two months pregnant. When asked, the teenager said it was an act of "Ong Thep", which means God or deity. But after a preliminary probe it was found out that her stepfather had sexually abused her.

The incident, in Buri Ram in Thailand, came to light when the girl collapsed and was taken to hospital. She told the hospital staff that a deity had done this to her. She is now being housed at Buri Ram Shelter for Children and Families in the northeastern province in Thailand.

The mother claimed that she was not aware of her husband sexually abusing her daughter. But according to relatives, the 48-year-old stepfather of the victim had also sexually abused her elder sister when she was in grade 11.

Stepfather Surrenders, Confesses to The Act

The authorities of the shelter home have filed a complaint with the Nong Hong police against her stepfather under the Child Protection Act. The man has surrendered before the police and confessed to having sex with the girl. But he maintained that at that time the deity had occupied his body so he had no idea of what was happening. He has been charged with raping a girl below 15 years of age and performing an obscene act on a child.

When questioned, the victim's mother said she did not know of it till the incident became public. She has said that she will file a complaint against her husband. Her name can be added as a co-plaintiff as the case has already been filed.

So far no decision on terminating the pregnancy has been made. The decision will be taken by the girl's family as she is a minor.

In a similar case, in July 2015, a 15-year-old girl had claimed that Jesus Christ had impregnated her through a Nephilim, a race that are referred to in the Bible as heroes of old, men of renown. The girl's family being believers did not contest her claim.