Staying Sane in Tech: Coping With Layoff Anxiety as an App Developer

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Do you have anxiety about being laid off? You're not alone. Even the most motivated workers might experience anxiety at the mere idea of restructuring or reduction. US layoff announcements increased 7% in March to their highest level since January 2023, with the government and technology industries leading the way regarding employment losses.

Daniel Leimanis, creator of the anti-anxiety tool Calmer, offers six tips for managing anxiety during layoffs.

1. Embrace Mindfulness and Meditation

Being aware can assist app developers in maintaining their composure and concentration. Deep breathing exercises and guided meditation may reduce stress, mainly when working on challenging problems and during long coding sprints. Investing a short period each day in these routines can have a significant impact.

2. Prioritize Physical Health

Mental health depends on physical health, particularly for programmers who work long hours. Regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and enough sleep in your daily routine may enhance your general health. Natural mood enhancers called endorphins are released during exercise. Taking even a little stroll during a break might improve your attitude. Ergonomic workspace arrangements and regular stretching breaks can also help avoid the physical strain often experienced during extended development sessions.

3. Set Realistic Goals and Boundaries

Setting reasonable expectations and limits is essential to managing anxiety, especially when dealing with short notice and frequent changes. Excessive expectations may result in burnout. Setting realistic deadlines and dividing considerable work into smaller, more manageable chores might be helpful. Establishing distinct boundaries between work and personal life, such as refraining from coding after hours, taking frequent vacations, and using project management tools to monitor progress, are crucial.

4. Foster a Supportive Work Environment

The influence of a supportive work environment on mental health can be substantial. It's essential to have open lines of communication and find helpful coworkers, particularly during sprint planning meetings and code reviews. Stress and feelings of loneliness can be lessened in an environment where people work together and positively. Peer programming and frequent check-ins with coworkers can foster a more encouraging environment that improves mental health and productivity.

5. Utilize Stress-Relief Techniques

Incorporating stress-relieving practices into everyday routines is helpful, particularly for those who regularly deal with bug fixes and user feedback. Stress-relieving exercises like yoga, writing, and music listening might be beneficial. The trick is figuring out what suits you the best. Short breaks to work on a non-job-related software project, play a fast game, or partake in a pastime help clear the head and lower stress.

6. Seek Professional Help When Needed

"Getting help is never a sign of weakness," says Daniel Leimanis, a person with personal experience of persistent anxiety. Talking to a mental health professional, therapy, or counseling helps you gain critical perspective and coping mechanisms. Many IT businesses now include mental health treatments as part of their employee aid programs. Utilizing these tools can help app developers deal with the stress of app releases and user expectations.

About Daniel Leimanis

Calmer's creator and seasoned software developer, Daniel Leimanis, overcame acute anxiety through hard work and determination. Having worked in the IT sector for over ten years, he is enthusiastic about assisting regular people and other developers in enhancing their general well-being.