Star Wars spoilers: The Last Jedi footage at CinemaCon reveals Rey's training in the Force

Rey is seen igniting Luke's Lightsaber and moving rocks with the Force.

Star Wars fans have been fasting for new footage from Rian Johnson's 'The Last Jedi.' A trailer isn't out until mid-April. But those lucky few who got to attend Cinema Con in Las Vegas on March 28, were teased further with a new and exciting footage from the eighth 'Star Wars' saga film.

Express UK notes that at Disney's panel in CinemaCon attendees were treated to a short snippet from 'The Last Jedi' that will be released in December. Peter Sciretta from Slash Film was present at the event and tweeted a short description of the scene which showed Rey holding the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker, which ignited, and another shot where she moved some of the rocks surrounding the Jedi temple on Ahch-To, with the help of the Force.

However, the shots were only a few seconds long, as noted by Independent UK. Still, it is better than nothing. What is more interesting to see is that 'The Last Jedi' is sticking closer to the structure of 'Empire Strikes Back' with Yoda training an uninitiated young Luke Skywalker. Luke also moved a rock during his training with wise Yoda. That film is hailed as not just the best Star Wars movie till date, but one of the most iconic films in Hollywood history.

The wonderful thing about 'The Empire Strikes Back' was that it delved deeper into the characters and the mystical and spiritual elements only hinted at in the 1977 movie. It can be hoped that Rian Johnson's film will also be similarly more introspective.

Earlier this month, Disney's shareholders were given a first look at Episode VIII. Los Angeles Times reporter Daniel Miller attended the event and later shared details of the scenes on Twitter, as noted by Independent UK. "We just saw more 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' footage. In it, Luke asks Rey, 'Who are you?' Then we see her deftly handle a lightsaber," he wrote on his twitter page. He added "Also making appearances in 'The Last Jedi' footage: Chewbacca, General Leia Organa and Finn."

It was recently learned that following the death of actress Carrie Fisher, her role in Episode VII would not be altered. There will be no digital replacements unlike the CG recreation of Peter Cushing. It will be interesting to see how the filmmakers explain her absence in 'Star Wars Episode IX' which will be released in 2019. Before that, we have the untitled Han Solo spin-off coming in 2018 that will reveal the origin story of Chewbacca and Han Solo. Han Solo will also reportedly have his funeral scene in 'The Last Jedi.'

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' releases worldwide, on December 15, 2017.