Spoiler: Justice League Snyder cut new photo teases extended Aquaman vs. Steppenwolf fight

Zack Snyder offers proof of the Justice League Snyder cut's existence with new BTS and production photo

The Snyder cut movement for the 2017's Justice League movie is trending once again on Twitter as hordes of fans have begun tweeting in the US with writings, #ReleasetheSnydercut. Adding to the growing support, a new production image and a BTS photo from the film may have just changed the landscape entirely for the director's cut.

Since Justice League's release, the project's helmer Zack Snyder has been quite vocal about a version of the movie that remains true to his planned narrative. Over the years end even the recent months, the director has shared several behind-the-scenes images and concept arts offering a teasing glimpse of sequences and elements that weren't in the theatrical cut

Jason Momoa in AquamanYouTube Screenshot
Jason Momoa in Aquaman YouTube Screenshot

Earlier today, Aquaman star Jason Momoa shared a new still of himself from the Justice League movie, a scene from the climactic third act. But surprisingly, its a shot that was never in the final cut or neither released as part of the extras in Blu-ray.

The shot shows Aquaman in his Atlantian armor and wielding his mother's trident. The superhero is shown piercing his weapon into the Apokoliptan general as Wonder Woman stands behind afar and watches. You can check it out below.

Another still shared by Snyder on Vero reveals a deleted sequence that shows Iris West and Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash having a conversation. It must be noted that the character played by Kiersey Clemons was entirely removed from the theatrical cut.

At first look, fans could come to the conclusion that Aquaman may be responsible for killing Steppenwolf in the Snyder cut of Justice League. However, Snyder confirmed back in July that Wonder Woman kills Steppenwolf in his original version.

So it could have possibly been a scene where Aquaman managed to injure Steppenwolf while the Wonder Woman a.k.a God Killer landed the killing blow. "I use Gods to kill Gods," wrote Snyder in an image shared on Vero featuring the two characters.

Justice League
Facebook: Justice League

The narrative in the final cut was entirely different as Steppenwolf ends up getting attacked by his own Prademons after they began smelling fear on the Apokoliptan general. The scene ends with the villain being dragged into the Boom Tube to an unspecified place.

Originally, Snyder intended to bring in DC's finest and most notorious villain, Darkseid for a Justice League sequel. But that never came to fruition due to studios' misfire with the first ensemble movie.

Fortunately, the global box office success of Aquaman has led Warner Bros. to greenlight a sequel. Aquaman 2 is scheduled for a late 2022 release.

Justice League Zack Snyder Vero
Justice League BTS still from Zack Snyder

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