Spain death toll surpasses 9,000 as it enters third week of lockdown

Spain recorded an additional 864 deaths from coronavirus, the highest number of deaths in 24 hours on Wednesday. Madrid is the worst affected region in the country with around 30,000 cases and 3,865 deaths.

Spain, the second worst affected country after Italy in terms of deaths, has over 100,000 confirmed cases and more than 9,000 deaths. However, health ministry figures show that the growth in the number of cases and the deaths each day have gone down.

Authorities are allowing citizens to come out only to buy food, for medical assistance and if they work in vital industries. Since the country is entering its third week of lockdown, hundreds and thousands of people have been arrested and fined by the police for violating rules.

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Regardless of the cause of death, the government has imposed restrictions on conducting funerals and funeral ceremonies in order to contain the spread of the virus. Attendance of not more than three family members or close friends is allowed during the burial and cremation of deceased persons.

Protective gear

The ministry of health has distributed a total of 10,106,908 masks in 19 different regions over the past 20 days. It has also distributed items like protective glasses, nitrile gloves, waterproof gowns, hydro-alcoholic solutions, leggings, aprons and non-invasive ventilators to autonomous communities so that everybody can fight the battle.

Different ministries have jointly decided to hire around 200 doctors and nurses from developing countries. The health professionals will join the National Health System SNS to deal with the crises caused by Covid-19.

The number of confirmed cases globally has been put at 877,422 and deaths at 43,537. The death toll in the United States death toll crossed 4,000, according to data released by Johns Hopkins University. With the number of cases spiking every day, President Donald Trump issued a dire warning that the next two weeks will be very painful.

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