South Korean star Kim So Hyun reveals how her life changed after turning 20

Kim So Hyun
Kim So Hyun Instagram/Kim So Hyun's official account

South Korean actress Kim So Hyun has opened up about her thoughts after turning 20. During a press conference for reality show 'Because This is My First Twenty,' the Goblin star talked about the changes that came with ageing.

So Hyun shared: "I thought something big will happen when I turn 20 but nothing really changed except the number of my age."

"There are no more restrictions. I can drink now," she added. "I haven't had the chance to drink much but I feel good after having a can of beer. I haven't tested (alcohol tolerance level) yet."

Adding on, So Hyun admitted that through this show, she could discover herself. She said: "Thanks to this program, I found out that I am a bright and lively person. I thought that I always needed to be responsible and mature. But while filming this show, I was able to put everything away and just enjoy. That's why I knew I had positive energy within myself."

Interestingly, in 2017, So Hyun had shared her excitement about turning 20 while trying alcohol legally. She said at that time: "I think I let myself go more after turning 20. I feel like I don't have to act mature or responsible."

"I am curious about the taste, but people also say, 'Rather than the taste, the atmosphere of hanging out is great,' so I am more curious about that. And I can also watch R-rated movies freely," she admitted.

Adding on, the Ruler: Master of the Mask actress confessed she wants to be in a relationship. She said: "Even if it's not exactly at 20, I think I have to date once I'm in my 20s. I have never dated before, and since I have no experience, I acted through indirect experiences from films, dramas, and books. Even just for real acting, I think I must date. It does sort of feel required, but I am also curious what it would feel like."