South Holland 'Karen' Calls Black Woman 'N-Word'; Breaks Into 'Fake Cry' After Being Filmed

A white woman in South Holland, Illinois, called a black woman the N-word after a driving dispute and tried to file a fake report at the police station.

A 'Karen' is generally defined as someone who has a particular bob cut hairstyle throwing a tantrum at a Starbucks. Someone who asks to speak to the manager over the slightest inconvenience or someone who uses tears to get what she wants.

It's also someone who calls the police on black people, for asking that they leash their dog or for simply sitting on a park bench.

A white woman who checks all of the above boxes was caught on video seemingly trying to file a fake police report after calling a Black woman the "N-word" after a driving dispute in South Holland, Illinois.

Karen Strikes Again

South Holland Karen
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Twitter / @BallerAlert

In the video, shared on Twitter, the two women can be seen walking into the police station before the African American woman asks the other woman, "You wanna tell South Holland, you calling me a [N-word]?"

The woman then sarcastically tries to apologize to the woman. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the looting. I'm sorry for everything. What do you want from me?" but the black woman isn't receptive.

'Karen' then tries to justify her use of the racial slur. "Yeah, well you passed me! I'm so fed up with all this shit!" she says, before entering the police station.

As soon as she walks into the station, she starts crying and tells the police "I can't take this anymore. I'm trying to move out."

The black woman then chimes in, "No, she called me a [N-word]. She drove here to cry." The white woman then tries to defend herself with more racism. "She passed me on the left! I witnessed the lootings; I can't take anymore!" she exclaims.

"You think it's OK to call someone a [N-word] because you're tired of looting?" the woman asks. "Yes, I'm tired!" she responds. "You guys call each other that all the time!"

The black woman then tells her to "shut the f--k up!"

Racist Meltdown

"You're on camera, and you're the white lady who called someone a [N-word]! It's f*cking 2020. You're pathetic!" the black woman says to her and threatens to file charges against her, prompting the white woman to start fake crying.

"I'm so tired of this," the woman repeats, to which the African American woman gives a fitting reply. "I'm tired, too. Black people have been tired for 400 years, lady! What the f*ck?"

Watch the video below: