Sophia Rosing: Drunk University of Kentucky Student Who Racially Abused Two Black Students Withdraws from School and Enters Rehab

It is not known how Rosing's therapy and training will impact the criminal case she is facing for felony third-degree assault on a police officer.

The University of Kentucky student, who was arrested and charged for assaulting and hurling racial slurs at two Black students while drunk, will withdraw from school and enter rehab. Sophia Rosing, 22, was caught on video striking Kylah Spring, a black student employee who works at the dorm desk and calling her "n***** b****" in public.

Rosing's lawyer, Fred Peters, said on Tuesday that the business and marketing major will "withdraw" from school and "seek treatment for her issues," though he did not specify whether these issues were related to drinking. Rosing allegedly called Spring "n***** b****" more than 200 times over her 10-minute-long rant.

Rectifying Her Mistakes

Sophia Rosing
Sophia Rosing Twitter

Peters said that Rosing was a "very, very embarrassed and humiliated young lady" and would also be undertaking "racial sensitivity" training. "She is going to withdraw from the university today or tomorrow," Peters told NBC on Tuesday.

It is not known how Rosing's therapy and training will impact the criminal case she is facing for felony third-degree assault on a police officer. She has pleaded not guilty to all the allegations against her, including the accusations of public intoxication, fourth-degree assault, and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Rosing also tried to kick a second student, who appeared to be black, as she tried to help Spring in controlling the rowdy co-ed.

Video footage captured Rosing's violent and racial outburst at Spring, and court records indicate that she used the word "n*****" more than 200 times during the incident.

In the entire 10-minute video, when Rosing is accused of ruining her life, she blatantly responds, "No, I didn't," and then softly sings the n-word repeatedly before police arrive to take her into custody.

Sophia Rosing
Sophia Rosing seen assaulting and abusing Kylah Spring Twitter

The business and marketing major can be heard faintly singing the word even after the University of Kentucky cop has her in handcuffs as she is being hauled away. Rosing can also be heard urging Spring to "do her chores" and calling her an "ugly n***** b****," while horrified students watched and some attempted to intervene.

Making and Effort

Peters told the network Rosing will enroll in a "sensitivity" program to help her "heal through this situation." "She's going to get help. That's all I can say."

Sophia Rosing
Sophia Rosing was arrested for assaulting and racially abusing Spring Twitter

Rosing reportedly has left campus, but the institution is yet to comment on it. Rosing was arrested on a $10,000 bond before being released on Monday night. She told police she was wealthy and used to receiving "special treatment."

The event is the subject of a disciplinary investigation, according to school authorities, who also lambasted Rosing's actions in an email to students.

At a student demonstration on Monday, Spring addressed the gathering, promising to not let Rosing's alleged assault "destroy my spirit." The university freshmen desk clerk broke down in tears as she addressed the crowd during the march held in her honor.

"I was physically, verbally and racially assaulted by Jane Doe, aka Sophia Rosing," said Spring at the demonstration.

Sophia Rosing
Sophia Rosing seen assaulting Spring Twitter

"This is a recurring issue in and across the American school system no matter what age. I am deeply saddened by the events that took place, but I am most grateful for justice that is to come.

"To Miss Rosing. You will not break my spirit and you will be held accountable for your actions. I only pray that you open your heart to love and try to experience life differently and more positively," Spring said.

"As Michelle Obama once said, when they go low, we go high. I will continue to address this situation with grace and humility."

Sophia Rosing
Sophia Rosing Twitter

Several students urged that Rosing receive immediate punishment in the wake of the viral video.

Rosing is now banned from contacting Spring and will not be allowed to return to Boyd Hall, or drink alcohol. According to Peters, Rosing's family informed him that the outburst was unexpected and that she had never acted in a such manner before.

Rosing, who had lost her position working for Dillard's as a "campus influencer," must return to court on November 15.