Soojin's Fan Eats his Own Words; Apologise the School Bullying Victim for Abusing Her

In a surprising turn of events, the Soojin's fan who had abused the alleged victim of school bullying online has lent an apology for his behaviour. This comes after the victim's sister filed a lawsuit against him.

Soojin. Soojin Instagram Fan Page

Soojin has been accused of bullying by actress Seo Shin Ae and a few other schoolmates. Her fans had targeted Seo Shin and other persons who had made allegations against the former (G)I-DLE member.

Some of Soojin's fans crossed all the lines of decency and apparently abused the victims. One of the victim's family members decided to take on the internet users and filed a lawsuit against them. This has forced an abuser to lend an apology.

An Apology
He has written on a social media platform that he regrets his "immature" act. "For me, it was a comment but to you, it must have been quite a burden. At the time I couldn't think straight and didn't put your feelings and scars into consideration.I am sorry. I sincerely apologize for inflicting second-hand harm on you and others. I should have been more considerate as an adult.

I am ashamed of my cowardly action but it's nothing compared to what I have done to you. I'm especially mad at my past self for not realizing I was doing something wrong. I hope this could appease you at least a little. I'm deeply regretting and I'm sorry," Allkpop quoted as saying.

The abuser further added that his apology would heal some of her wounds, at least.

The Controversy
Two months ago, Seo Shin Ae accused Soojin of assault, robbing off her money, bullying and cursing students using cuss words during their school days in Waw Middle School in Hwaseong City in Gyeonggi Province, Korea. On her Instagram account, she had revealed that the latter had bullied her for two years and said: "Ten years ago, I was a young and had no courage. But if I hesitate and get scared again, I would feel disappointed in myself and be full of regret in the future. So I decided to be brave this time."

This already has a negative impact on Soojin as he has lost a few projects due to this controversy.

Soojin too had made a counter allegation against Seo Shin Ae.