Sony PlayStation VR bundle is all set to make your PS4 more exciting

Sony enters VR game with PlayStation VR

Looking at all the hype around VR tech, I'm sure it is going to be the thing to be excited about this year. It is only this year that the VR tech is getting a major push from all the players already in the game. But guess who was missing all this time? Sony.

With a powerful gaming like PS4 console in its arsenal, Sony stayed away all this while. Not anymore as the company has come up with its own VR headset for its console. Its VR headset is dubbed PlayStation VR, and it will cost you US $399. It looks very much futuristic as well. But you're worried about other stuff to make the VR setup complete, right? You don't need to. Sony has put up its PlayStation VR bundle for pre-order that takes care of everything. It has PS VR headsetPS VR cables Stereo Headphones PlayStation VR Demo DiscPlayStation Camera 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers PlayStation VR Worlds (disc).

This bundle will cost $499. Considering everything it has to offer, it's steal of a deal. You better snag it up quickly as it will be in limited quantities and for a limited time. However, Sony has promised another wave of pre-order in summer in case you miss this one. Pre-orders start on March 22, at 7AM PDT.

Source: Sony