Sony PlayStation 5 Price Gets Leaked on Amazon

Just a week after the PS5's gaming event, comes a price leak of its two versions on Amazon's France edition

Sony's "The Future of Gaming" Livestream event recently revealed new details about its software, hardware, development, and technology behind the console. Just a week after this, there has been a leak on its retail price.

Concept designer and tech content creator Ben Geskin tweeted the screengrab of the apparent price leak of the most awaited Sony PlayStation 5 on Amazon's French website. The price of the standard model was listed at €499 EUR, while the digital edition without a physical disc drive listed at €399 EUR.

Brief Leak

Sony PS5
The official Sony PlayStation 5 logo, unveiled by the company at CES 2020. Instagram / @playstation

This possibly means that the price in the US would be set at $499 and $399. However, the price was seen only for a brief time and now it's a leak for the tech world. The page was updated by removing the leaked info and also the release date of November 20 this year in France.

Many speculations have said that the target price would be around $400-500, to position itself with its home gaming consoles of previous generations. When PS4 was launched, it was listed at $399.

Why Digital-Only Costs Less?

The digital-only version cost, as per the leak is $399 is better than expected. This is because the high cost of the console was mainly due to the SSD storage and in-built 3D Audio tech. PS4 arrived with highly advanced APU processing, all the PS came with edge tech at aggressive pricing making Sony take a loss in its initial productions.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X might arrive with competitive pricing as the PS5 prices at $399, which has a physical disc drive. However, there's no digital edition announced for launch, but there are speculations of a slower version of Series X at a lower price.