Sony denying license for Disney plus to stream Spider-man films? Deadpool movies will never appear on service

A new report reveals Disney is attempting to buy the rights to stream Spider-Man films on Disney Plus. However, it isn't currently an assured deal

Spider-man far from home poster cropped
Spider-man far from home poster cropped/ Facebook via Sony Pictures

Even with a catalog of over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movies, Disney Plus still doesn't have its hands on all blockbuster titles, especially Marvel-based films like Spider-Man. But it looks like the Mouse House is hoping to change that soon and secure rights over Spidey titles for their streaming service.

At present, The Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland are available on Starz thanks to Sony's decision. But there's no question that Disney hopes for all Spidey titles to be made available on its service since the character exists inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A new report coming from the Hollywood Reporter's Adam Crouch suggests Disney is in the process of possibly securing streaming license rights. The Tweet reveals the studio is hopeful of getting the friendly neighborhood superhero on Disney+ some point. "but that's up in the air".

Deadpool Facebook/Deadpool

The news comes prior to the journalist confirming that none of the R-rated Deadpool movies would ever be made available on Disney Plus. However, they are likely expected to be streamed on Hulu in the future.

It still remains to be seen if Disney would succeed in buying the rights to stream Spider-Man movies. The Mouse House's Marvel Studios recently faced a setback with its Sony deal and even came close to burning the bridges forever. But the two studios were able to resolve their contract conflicts and broker a new deal for MCU boss Kevin Feige to co-produce the third Spider-man film.

There's no question that Sony hopes to stronghold its own established cinematic Universe with Spider-Man and Venom. The studio's next Marvel project set for release is Morbius starring Jared Leto and its already being reported that movie will be interconnected to develop its Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC).

Nonetheless, Marvel might not have anything to lose if it fails to secure Spider-Man film rights as it already has a large library of Marvel films, including the recently acquired Fox's X-Men properties (only including PG friendly titles).