Song Yoo Jung Dies By Suicide; Autopsy Reveals Use of Sedatives, Say Reports

Mystery surrounds the death of South Korean actress Song Yoo Jung (aka Song Yu Jung) who reportedly died on January 23. Even as the actress' agency did not specify the cause of her death there were speculation about it being a suicide.

"Song Yu Jung passed away on January 23," Soompi reported, citing a source at the Sublime Artist Agency.

Song Yoo Jung
South Korean actress Song Yoo Jung reportedly died on January 23. Twitter

Song Yu Jung's Made Her Debut in Golden Rainbow

Song Yu Jung's funeral procession will begin on January 25 at 1:30 p.m. KS. According to the outlet, the mortuary has been prepared in the funeral hall of the Gangnam branch of the Seoul Medical Center.

The 26-year old actress who made her debut as a cosmetics brand model, first appeared on the acting circuit in MBC's Golden Rainbow in 2013.

The actress also starred in shows like Make Your Wish, School 2017 and Dear My Name. Song Yoo Jung also featured in music videos for iKON's Goodbye Road, Standing Egg's Friend to Lover and NIve's How Do I.

Speculations Over Cause of Song Yoo Jung's Cause of Death

Even as there has been no official confirmation about the cause of actress's death, All K Pop claimed it to be suicide. In its article titled 'Actress Song Yoo Jung commits suicide', the website reported that the actress committed suicide.

Another website, LoveKpop95 claimed that the actress committed suicide by consuming sedatives. "Recently, information on the autopsy of Song Yoo Jung said that died from suicide by sedatives," read the article.

Social media was flooded with tributes for the actress, with several speculating the death being due to suicide. "iKON's MV Goodbye Road 's model Song Yoo Jung has committed suicide. According to reports, the actress committed suicide on the 23rd. May she Rest in Peace," wrote a user.

"The way young people in the industry are committing suicide... Rest in peace Song yoo jung," mentioned another.

"Rest in peace, song yoo jung. you'll be missed, angel. i hope things will stop here, also it's a reminder for us to be careful with our comments. lets offer prayers and condolences," read another tweet.