Song Joong Ki's wife reveals she is very close to Yoo Ah In

Song Joong Ki

Song Hye Kyo has revealed she shares a strong bond with actor Yoo Ah In. The Descendants of the Sun actress posted an adorable picture of the two on her Instagram account.

In the image, the 32-year-old actor can be seen leaning onto Song Joong Ki's wife, who is cuddling a puppy in her lap. She captioned the image: "Let's work together one day."

The 36-year-old actress and Ah In is known to be close friends, apart from being housed under the same company, United Artists Agency. The two are also known to support each other and promote their movies or dramas. During the filming of Descendants of the Sun, Ah In sent food truck on the sets of the show.

Adding on, in 2017, Hye Kyo and Ah In also featured on the cover page of the W Korea magazine. During the interview, when she was asked about a guy girls friendship, she said they can be just friends.

"However, these days I'm close to my labelmate Yoo Ah-In and Song Joong-Ki, who I acted in a drama with, but to them, wouldn't I just be an older sister who likes to treat them to food?" she said, referring to her relationship with Joong-Ki and Ah In.

Meanwhile, Ah In also shares a special bond with Joong Ki. They appeared together in the 2010 drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

During a press conference of Descendants of the Sun finale, the 33-year-old artist recalled a conversation he had with South Korean television director Kim Won Suk and Ah In. He said: "We both were rookies and suffering a lot while starring in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal'. PD Kim told us, 'I feel really touched looking at both of you now because you all have come this far and become actors who finally received acknowledgement. I feel very proud'".

"We are actors in different colours. As a matter of fact, Yoo Ah In is my driven force (motivation) as an actor. You might see both of us as having the completely different type of acting, but we actually rely on each other as an actor," he added.

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