Song Joong-Ki & Son Hye-Kyo: Once upon a time K-TV golden couple known for only LOVE

Song Joong Ki

South Korea's most favourite couple Song Joong-Ki and Son Hye-Kyo tied the knot at a private ceremony in Seoul almost two years ago. But sadly the fans of this power couple are currently disappointed and heartbroken after the stars confirmed that they will not continue this romantic journey. However, people will always remember them for their reel to real life romance.

In 2017, Channel A aired an exclusive show featuring the love story of Joong Ki and Hye Kyo. It revealed that the duo's first meeting was during the shooting of 'That Winter, the Wind Blows,' which starred Jo In Sung and Hye Kyo.

Apparently In Sung was close to Joong Ki, he played the role of a real matchmaker between the couple and the rest is a fairy-tale story for fans to cherish!

But their romance was first revealed by the Korean press in March 2016 when two were co-starring South Korean drama "Descendants of the Sun."

Until three months before their wedding, the couple confirmed the marriage, which took place on October 31, 2017, at the Shilla Hotel and since then they were called by their fans, the Song-Song couple.

During the 2017 KBS Drama Awards that happened in January 2018, Song Joong-ki appeared on stage to present an award. But the host told him that there are many questions people want to ask him and Joong-ki agreed to answer.

He asked, "There is a person at home, right? People are wondering how she's doing and how your marriage life is like?"

The actor laughed and then replied "It would have been more meaningful if she enjoyed me today. But, unfortunately, she had to be somewhere. So I came on her behalf. She is doing well. I will make sure to deliver this to her."

When he was asked to tell the audience to describe how was the new family life journey, Joong –ki said, "I've been already mentioned this before. But 'Descendants of the Sun' was truly a hit and the reason why I am here. But as you mentioned, I have found myself a lifetime partner whom I love very much. That's why 2017 will be a year that I will never forget" and "I don't know how can I express the joy."

He was asked, "KBS drama connected you two, right?" and he said, "That's true."

Song Joong Ki

During an interview, Hye-kyo mentioned that they had met each other sometime before filming "Descendants of the Sun" and at that time "and now, I still have a good appreciation of him."

"I think he is a nice man. So I saved many good memories about him," the actress said.

During their honeymoon trip, the Song-Song couple proved that they are they have a huge fan following and loved by people from all over the world. The love birds visited a Korean restaurant in Spain, which was the first stop of their honeymoon, on November 16 and the owner of the restaurant shared a photo of the couple's autographs with the caption, "Some special guests ate dinner at our restaurant last Sunday. They were Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo from "Descendants of the Sun!"

A year after their marriage Song Hye-kyo made her first come back to the Korean-drama scene and co-starred in romantic television series "Encounter" against Park Bo-gum.

About half a year later, Joong-ki co-starred in romantic fantasy TV series "Arthdal Chronicles" with Kim Ji-won.

After their marriage, the 33-year-old Joong-ki once said that "I care about my popularity so I decided not to get married not until Hye-kyo came into my life & changed everything."

However, since the divorce is already in the process, the globally loved couple refused to explain how things went wrong. But the 37-year-old actress's agency called UAA stated that the marriage was called off because of "personality differences."

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