Song Joong Ki says Lee Kwang Soo lacks awareness; asks friend not to call him so much

Actor also revealed how nervous he was while proposing to Song Hye-kyo.

Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo
Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo in 'Descendants of the Sun.'

It seems all things might not be hunky-dory between Song Joong-ki and his close friend Lee Kwang-soo. 'The Battleship Island' actor revealed that he was a little bit irritated at Lee Kwang-soo calling him so much and asked him to respect the individual space of another person. However, Song Joong-ki wasn't too bitter towards his friend.

As noted by website Soompi, Song Joong-ki gave an interview on August 4, for KBS's 'Entertainment Weekly' programme, where he talked about close friends Cha Tae-hyun and then Lee Kwang-soo. As the interviewer asked Joong-ki to send a video message to one of his friends, the actor chose Lee Kwang-soo.

In the message, which had the MC in stitches, Song Joong-ki said, "Kwang Soo, I'll have a new family soon so...I would really like you to stop calling me as much. A person needs to have a bit of tact and awareness in order to live well." Song Joong-ki himself laughed, adding, "And, it's not wrong or anything but I feel like you're a little lacking in that area. I'm very thankful to you but I wish you would be a little bit more aware." One wonders how Kwang-soo will react to this message.

Lee Kwang-soo had earlier expressed his surprise at the wedding announcement of the SongSong couple and had on July 5, posted a photo on Instagram, which showed Song Joong-ki writing on a piece of white rock, "Joong Ki ♥ Kwang Soo (Asian prince) 2015.10.14. He had captioned the photo with the words, "What was all this, then?"

Later that month, in an interview for 'The Battleship island,' Song Joong-ki revealed a text message Kwang-soo had sent him the day before, saying, "I can't believe you're getting married." Song Joong-had observed that Kwang-soo "seemed to be tipsy," adding, "Some people can't believe it. I guess it hasn't hit them yet. The most common reaction I get from people is 'Congratulations.'"

Unlike Kwang-soo however, Cha Tae-hyun did not act so surprised with the wedding announcement. On being asked whether he discusses personal matters often with Cha tae-hyun, Song Joong-ki said, "Of course, I actually told Cha Tae-hyun [about wanting to marry Song Hye-kyo] a long time ago. He responded in a very Cha Tae-hyun-esque manner and said, 'Oh, I've known! I had a feeling this was going to happen. Everyone in this country probably knows too.'"

In the same interview, the MC also asked the 'Descendants of the Sun' actor whether he prepared a proposal for Song Hye-kyo. Joong-ki replied, "Of course," adding, "I just remember that I was really nervous [when proposing]. While we may be actors who are known to many people, we are no different from any other couple when it comes to love. It really wasn't anything extraordinary, although it was something very special to us."

Song Joong-ki also affirmed that Song Hye-kyo's tastes are similar to his and revealed, "[For example,] the dramas we like to watch are consistently the same. These days, we are watching "Father is Strange," and the couple we like in the show is the same as well."

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo will get married on October 31, this year.

This article was first published on August 5, 2017