Song Joong Ki back in Kdrama? Arthdal Chronicals next season confirmed

Fans are eagerly awaiting Song joong Ki's return to Kdrama. Studio Dragon has confirmed the launch of Arthdal Chronicles season 2

Song Joong Ki
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It is likely that fans will soon see Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won on screen as Studio Dragon has confirmed the launch of Arthdal Chronicles season 2 (part 3).

Song Joong Ki has been away from Korea, filming for his science fiction movie Victory since the news of his divorce with actress Song Hye Kyo broke.

As reported by AllKpop, Studio Dragon stated: "We are currently preparing to launch filming for a new season of 'Arthdal Chronicles' by the second half of this year. We are still in the process of reviewing factors such as the director, the cast, etc."

tvN, where Arthdal Chronicles was released (along with Netflix), further said thr exact timing along with the directors and actors are still being discussed. The production house is busy coming up with a schedule that can accommodate the lead characters of the series.

Arthdal Chronicles

The first season (12 episodes) of Arthdal Chronicles was released in two parts. The second season too is expected to have all the lead actors including Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Bin.

The first season was directed by Kim Won Suk. But now as Won Suk has quit Studio Dragon and has joined KakaoM, it is not likely that he will direct the drama.

Arthdal Chronicles, a fantasy drama that creates heroes and legends was shot at a cost of 50 million won ($2.4 million) so far.

The drama is planned for 18 episodes in total, as 12 episodes have already been screened, the second season (third part of the series) will have six more episodes.

The first season received mixed reactions and comparatively lower ratings than expected. The series was also compared to the Game of Thrones plot. But ardent viewers of Arthdal Chronicles supported the series and posted messages of waiting for the last season.

The second part ended ambiguously, leaving big scope for the next season of the series.

It was also said that news of Song Joon Ki's divorce also hampered the popularity of the series. But fans have demanded that they see Song Joong Ki in the last part of the fantasy drama.

Currently, Song Joong ki is busy with Victory, which is South Korea's first science-fiction at a cost of 20 billion won ($17 million). Song Joong Ki is playing pilot Tae Ho. Other lead characters include Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Tae Ri and Jin Seon Kyu.

Song Joon Ki is yet to officially confirm his return for Arthdal Chronicles. The production company is also hopeful of retaining all the lead characters including Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won.

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