Song Ji Hyo shares skin care secrets for flawless skin

The actress gives her beauty sleep all the credit for achieving younger looking skin.

Song Ji Hyo is one such beauty who is blessed with a flawless skin. The 34-year-old has revealed the secret to her radiant complexion.

The Princess Hours actress recently gave some insight into her beauty regimen secrets. The actress went off with statement which made her blush a little, and said : "I don't think I'm pretty."

"I can feel the difference when I don't have makeup on. But I do think that I prefer to be comfortable with my bare face than be dolled up with makeup. I'm the kind of person that prefers to be comfortable than care about how I look," Ji Hyo shared in an exclusive interview with the Hong Kong's Apple Daily.

Further elaborating her skin care secret, the Ex-Girlfriend club lead actress revealed that she gives her "beauty sleep" all the credit.

"I sleep a lot. As I get older, I've started to think that if I don't take care of my skin properly, it's not going to happen on its own. Especially in the summer, I take care to wear sunscreen and focus a lot on cleansing," the actress affirmed.

Ji Hyo is currently a permanent cast presenter of the gaming reality show Running Man. She gained her international acclaim after being pronounced as the only female member of the popular Korean variety show Running Man, which made her rise across Asia. Her easy-going personality endeared her to many Korean and international fans.