Song Hye Kyo 35th birthday: Top witty, thoughtful quotes of actress from Descendant of the Sun

Song Hye Kyo will celebrate 35th birthday on 22 November.

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo will turn 35 on 22 November Facebook

South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo will celebrate 35th birthday on 22 November. The Descendants of the Sun actress won fans hearts after playing the role of a doctor named Kang Mo-Yeon in the series opposite Song Joong Ki.

On the event of her birthday, IBTimes Singapore has hand-picked top quotes of Song Hye Kyo from the series.

"Soldiers don't have girlfriends because it's too hard (too much work)."

"A life chasing after money is better than being chased by money."

"You should never believe anything without checking it yourself with your own eyes."

"Should I become a girlfriend of this dangerous yet charming man?"

"If I had known I would die like this, I should honestly confessed my feeling – I was kissed by an awesome man and my heart was fluttering the whole time."

"You shouldn't live your one and only life recklessly."

"Why are we always being thankful (to each other) for saving each other's life? Other couples are thankful for giving each other rides home, celebrating anniversaries; something like those."

"If you really are sorry to me, don't ever show up covered in blood."

"We didn't know who fell asleep first. It was a long & tiring day, and I was in his arms. Lying there, I sparked all night long like a woman being loved. I wonder if the movie we didn't get to see had a happy or a sad ending."

"Life is more important than profits – I've realized there is no profit worth more than life."

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