Some holiday cheer by Santa look alike for Christmas because 'Tis the season of joy

The Santa look-alike robbed the bank on Christmas eve and shared money with bystanders while waiting for the police to arrest him

Colorado man spent his Christmas eve in El Paso County Jail after robbing Academy Bank in downtown Colorado on Monday. Following the robbery, the man walked out of the bank to throw a fistful of cash into the air shouting 'Merry Christmas' to the bystanders. The money was scooped up by the people, who later returned it to the bank.

David Wayne Oliver, a 65-year-old Santa look-alike with a white bushy beard and a happy face waited near a Starbucks for the cops to arrive. The 6-foot tall man made off with an undisclosed amount of money. He claimed to carry a gun when robbing the bank on Tuesday morning.

A Robin Hood's Christmas?

El Paso County Jail, Colorado Springs
El Paso County Jail, Colorado Springs Google Maps

Instead of getting away from the cops, Oliver waited for the officers to show up to arrest him. A witness told KKTV that Oliver came out of the building and shared the loot with the bystanders by throwing the money into the air. Later he strolled down to the Starbucks nearby and waited for the cops to arrive. Oliver was wanted for unspecific warrants previously.

The suspect threatened the use of a weapon while robbing the bank but the police added that there was no indication of the suspect using the weapon during the heist. Presently, thousands of dollars are still missing.

According to the police statements to KKTV, the suspect walked into the bank claiming he has a weapon and took the cash. Oliver later added his share of holiday spin to the heist by yelling 'Merry Christmas' to the bystanders and throwing the money, said a witness.

Oliver is being held at El Paso County Jail for a bond of $10,000. He is spending the Christmas in jail this year as he waits for his court hearing which is to be held on Thursday. From the police records, it is unclear whether he has an attorney present or not. The intention or purpose behind the robbery is unknown.