Donald Trump insists Mexico will eventually pay for border wall

The impenetrable border wall that President Donald Trump built across the US border with Mexico won't be enough to stop the illegal immigrants. People smuggling gangs are chipping away at the wall using cheap cordless saws as the multi-billion dollar industry involving illegal immigration cannot take a no for an answer.

The Trump administration said it's aware that people-smugglers engaged in pushing undocumented immigrants into the US were successful in breaking the wall at a couple of points, the Washington Post reported. The breaches happened at sections of the wall rebuilt under Trump's renewed push to block the aliens. Trump had famously said Mexico would be made to pay for the wall, which costs $10 billion. Now, smugglers are breaking it with saws that they buy from hardware stores for $100.

Their modus operandi is simple. Cut through the wall's bollards using the saw and then push the steel columns, which are between 18 to 30 feet tall, over to create passage. "They're not just going to leave San Diego because the wall gets better ... That's life on the border," Ronald Vitiello, a former US Border Patrol officer, told the daily.

Not enough border patrol agents

The Mexico border wall is a hobby horse of the president, who has committed billions of dollars of taxpayers' money to stop the tide of illegal migrants. Trump calls the wall as the 'Rolls Royce' of all walls.


Despite Trump's aggressive push against aliens, the problem of illegal immigration is not going away. On the other hand, numbers save shown that the challenge is only worsening. In March, CNN reported that the US is on track to detain nearly 900,000 people along the southern border this year. That's a number which has not been since 2006, despite the Trump administration's efforts to erect physical walls to stop migrants.

The White House demanded as much as $8.6 billion of new funds for the border wall in March, in the budget proposal. This was higher than the $5.7 billion Trump asked for, leading to a government shutdown. Meanwhile, the administration has not been able to hire enough Border Patrol agents to secure the borders, even as it went ahead with the plan to build the wall.